Saturday, December 11, 2010

30 Days of Thanks: Day 6 (Premature Edition)

This afternoon my iPhone (to which my right hand is usually welded) died.

When I say died I mean died.  I opened an app and the phone turned off and would not turn back on.  Huge bummer.

So my major thanks today was going to be AppleCare.  I have had one iPhone die already and was worried because I have had such miserable interactions when previous phones have died.  When I went to the Genius bar, however, the guy inspected the phone for about 30 seconds or so, then had me sign a sheet of paper and gave me a new phone.

I have a genius bar appt. tomorrow and hope everything goes just as well.  This is a huge part of why I like Apple so much.  I'm not delusional about their products, they're good but not perfect, but Apple's service is head and shoulders above anyone else I've dealt with.  Here's to hoping it goes just as smoothly tomorrow!

UPDATE: After having tried over the course of the day, on the third try plugging it in to my computer, the thing fired right up and works like new.  Now, perhaps I'll be thankful if it just stays that way!

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