Wednesday, December 8, 2010

30 Days of Thanks: Day 5

Day 5


Yeah, sitcoms.

Judge me all you want, but they're awesome.  Not all of them are awesome, but a select few make it all worthwhile.  For every "Better with You" out there, there's a "Modern Family," for every "Cleveland Show" there's a "How I Met Your Mother."  These things are our simple pleasures.  Sure they are responsible for dumbing down America.  Sure Jim Belushi kills comedy on a regular basis, and clearly his shows have set mankind back decades.  Sure the bad ones are so horrifically terrible (and inexplicably popular) that they perpetuate and even prop up harmful stereotypes while dumbing down society and perpetuating a fatally flawed and disturbing legal system.  But like a fine Hogarth engraving, or a Bill Mauldin cartoon, a well executed sitcom spans the ages and stands the test of time, carrying both a message and humor through generations, and never gets old, entertaining the masses, informing and educating while making people laugh, and helping to define and unite a generation around a shared experience (I'm looking at you M*A*S*H!!)  So to the good sitcom writers, directors, producers, PA's, actors, interns, et al, Thanks for what you do.

And Jim Belushi.  Stop.  Please. Just. Stop.

He was prosecuted shortly thereafter for crimes against tartan.  Have mercy on his soul.

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