Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh My Sweet Carolina...

Greek is done. Alleluia.  

For now at least.  

August term and orientation are now officially over, and thus I have taken a trip to ensure that the wonderful state of North Carolina is still around and to visit with my girlfriend.  NC is still here, Sarah is great, and both of those things make me happy.  

Proof of NC's existence: an old photo of the Governors Mansion.
August term is a pretty brutal way to start Seminary.  We spend almost all morning in Greek Class, then eat lunch, then have either a writing workshop or orientation in the afternoon.  Following classes we have a short break before dinner, then about 4 or so hours of Greek homework and studying.  Needless to say three weeks of that is pretty exhausting.  

On the upside I can now (with great effort, a little time, and a few tables to help with declensions) translate some pretty basic Koine Greek.  I have gotten to know my class pretty well, and it is a truly fantastic class.  I have learned how to get around Alexandria reasonably well and have figured out where the essentials are.  I am very much looking forward to getting into a more regular rhythm when our more normal schedule picks up on Tuesday, but for the next few days, I'll just enjoy relaxing, being back in NC, and getting too spend a bit of quality time with someone who is usually entirely too far away.  

Happy Labor Day! 

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