Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Patios, Passing Cars, and Postulants

Yeah, that's Lara Shine shutting me down like I'm a
rust belt factory.
As I'm writing this I'm sitting on our dormitory patio, chatting with some friends, having a drink, and listening to a fellow North Carolinian with a fantastic voice playing her guitar.  It's about 75 degrees outside and is just about perfect. It's worth pointing out that the girl singing is the same one who's totally stuffing me in the photo.

In any case, today was a challenging day.  We spent eight hours today in Safe Church training, learning how to protect ourselves and others from dangerous and abusive situations.  It was both an extremely useful and an extremely taxing day.  It did impress upon me the seriousness of the role I and my fellow seminarians are preparing to take on.  The responsibilities we have to those who will be in our care are immense, and it takes an exceptional level of vigilance to ensure that we never take advantage, intentionally or not of the position we will one day find ourselves in.

On a lighter note the highlight of my week is generally the two or three soccer games we play.  Our friendly matches involve a pretty wide variety of ages, abilities, and skill levels (there's a 6 year old who's probably got more raw talent than anyone else on the field) but we all play together and everyone manages to have a pretty good time.  (Shame the whole church isn't like that...) One pretty awesome thing that happened at our game yesterday.

We play down in what's called the Trotter Bowl. It's a flat bit of field at the bottom of the hill and is adjacent to Quaker St (Yes, the Seminary is actually abutted by Seminary Rd and Quaker St Ln.) In any case, we'd been playing for about an hour when an enthusiastic clearance was kicked out toward the road.  We watched as the ball rolled.  And it rolled.   And it didn't stop.  And it kept rolling.  Then we saw it disappear over the curb just as a car was coming.  Then we heard the thud of the ball getting run over by a little two door coupe.  One of my Sewanee schoolmates who is also here was chasing it down and had to run a solid 100 yards down the street from where it had gone into the road.  We were getting ready to play with the spare ball we had when he yelled up that the ball was not only in one piece, it was still inflated and playable.

Heck of a ball, eh?

Turns out you can survive a whole lot more than you'd expect from time to time.

VTS Soccer.  We're going to join a city league.  For real.
We're making jerseys and everything.

Thanks to the Rev. Adam Thomas for the catch on Quaker Lane, not Quaker Street.  Yea, Sewanee's Right!

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